Saturday, March 29, 2008

not the only one not seeing me

not only do i feel invisible, like my opinions and needs and wants have no meaning in the real world, now i have someone who thinks the same way, it's not as satisfying or helpful as you might think...someone who tramples on peoples' rights to make a buck, who's out for themselves, someone who has connections and therefor thinks she's god's gift to frickin shelters and women in need. well MY @SS. yes usually I'm more composed and eloquent and elegant and all that jazz, but you know what, I'm tired of being composed, I'm tired of being the good girl, the submissive one, the unproblematic one. screw that. screw them. the day after i move out, an agency will begin to file formal complaints with the state and county on my behalf, and so help me god (not that i believe in god), I hope they loose their funding, their license, and their reputation. and if i get blamed for that, all the better.

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