Monday, February 11, 2008

broken again

this swas inspired by an actity at an after-church service (church being something i don't do much, mostly due to the fact that i have no clue what i believe)

there, on the floor
broken into hundreds of thousands of pieces
a clay pot shattered, crushed and cracked
the wind and rain and snow and heat and cold has changed it
now looking like parts of a hundred different pots and bowls and vesels scattered on the ground
slowly, quietly, you near them
they tremble and shake
you step closser
they bounce and tumble and run from you
they hide among rocks and caves
they hide bellow gurggliing water of a stream
they hide across all corners of the earth
will they ever be found?
will they ever come together?
and if they do, will you be able to solve the puzzle
to put them back together again
do they still fit?
do the seams come together?
if they come back together, will you see the damage?
will there be scars?
or will the seams heal and look like new
and if they come back together, whole again
will it keep? will it hold?
or will it just break again?

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