Sunday, December 30, 2007

Attempt for memory

i went to church today, i was tired of wasting time at the mall, don't want to be at that shelter anymore then i have to. this church was near a school i used to go to,i decided to stop by after ther service i went to. i was half expecting to come arcoss burried emotions, but i didn't. the church itself felt so much smaller, maybe because i'm bigger, or it was empty, i found a song in the song book that i used to sing 20 years ago, it's kind of sad that a song about trust and betrayal of family was my favorite song at about 7 yrs of age. I saw bubblers, one time we were lined up for drinks, and i think her name was julie, and she had red hair, freckles and two brothers, she had her cheeks puffed out like she had water in them, she probably did this many times before, but that time, i decided to slap her cheeks together, making her spit water out over the floor. I think i got in trouble but i dont rememeber anything else after that.

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