Tuesday, May 27, 2008


this is trying and i am trying and i keep trying, at least i'm trying to try. i think i am, i hope i am, i'd like to think i'm trying. this is really hard, and every night it seems i get that fleeting but terrible omg-i can't do this, i don't want to do this, someone please help me feeling, and as short as that is, it's horrible feeling, it's a horrible feeling, i don't know what to do, i'm going to go without my therapist again, for another week because i have to have a medical procedure done, i hate these feelings, and i hate being alone , i hate this.

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IvoryLittleK said...

Hi Katie.

Found you here after your forum post. My Blogger is just for my little one, so I'm using her login to leave this comment.

Anyway, yeah. Impressive stuff here. And I completely get the whole "trying to try" thing.

Anywho, HI! :waves: